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Wanna be part of an 1,5 Billion € movement? Without aggression, protest and violence? But with lots of money? Like the companies have done, which destroyed our planet? Just with money WE can change EVERYTHING!

WE can hire lawyers and specialists who use grants and financial government funding worldwide to oppose everything. Taxes? Why should WE pay taxes when the large corporations don't either? Within the legal framework - the big corporations do it exactly the same way - but unfortunately only for their own profit optimization. WE can also use the existing legislation to make a big difference. For our purpose - to save ourselves. There is no more important need.

Imagine - you'll be part of an movement, YOU'RE AN WErrior! not just a part of any boring affiliate program - just some shares to save our burningpla.net - without paying anything

You register in our free partner program and maybe 5% follow your call in all possible places - with 100 contacts, that's 25 newly planted trees and 1,650 liters of drinking water for 330 people. You get an additional 1,50 EUR as a tip for saving our planet as a WErrior. Just for sharing...
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