Let's walk together to OUR biggest adventure saving our planet as WErriors by ourselves - Explained in 2,5 Minutes

Enjoy YOUR Chapters & Be WErrior

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    Under construction

  • Affiliate For Real WErriors

    Spread the WE message by recruiting more & more WErriors & earn up to 10% while saving your planet. Coming soon - follow at x

  • Pins, Patches, Stickers & More

    The Basic Vision - How it all began

  • AwakeTheFake

    FOR FREE! Wanna plant forests and save the oceans at the same place like your beloved ROCK or POPSTAR and get repositionable FREE stickers?

  • Design Your Unique

    Upload individual designs to your personal burningpla.net World Saver Awards - Be unique! Also as the perfect give away. COMING SOON!

  • Our Own Burningpla.net Etherum

    Get a voucher at the same notification like bitcoins first - 0,08$ - and WE'll see what happens. COMING SOON!

  • THESTORE Anything You Need For WErriors Life

    Each item plants trees & much more

  • Everyday News At X

    As usual, i don't talk very much. Read daily news and milestones short and crispy