Rock- & Popstarforest & Ocean - THE place to stay for fans & friends


Rock- & Popstarforest & Ocean will be the place which fans and rock- & popstars can save our planet at the same place with just on sign as a pin:

The - each of these plants 20 trees and spend 660 L of clean water. In addition, of course, associated jobs and future options for the regions. A positive chain reaction from which everyone benefits.

But, what means "Rock- or Popstar"?
A Rock- or Popstar is everyone who is one of the best in his way, influence & inspires peoples with them what they do in the best way.

Everyone could be a Rock- or Popstar!

The multiplication effect is world-changing - and you will be seen everywhere in the best arty and worldsaving way.

We see you as part & model of the WErriors - not just a simply customer.

We take care of all the rest: saving our planet, the trees, the people, the water - and if you want - your complete logistics and ship your pins to each of your fans. No time consuming work if you do not want to.

You will get maximum attention - not just a dull round pin

I know - i'm repeating myself - but in this case it can't be emphasized often enough what this will begin.

This is your best 'merchandise' & 'marketing' ever! Give aways, which save our planet and brings your fans with you together at one place.

Paid with your marketing invoice. Others can't - you can!

WE are all WErriors - if we see enough role models to do the same GOD & GOOD things.

Get your personal offer with your own artwork and contact us with an short message who you are

BE a WErrior with owning a part of your ->

These are some art examples, to awake and save our planet.