Rock- & Popstarforest - YOUR place to stay with fans & friends

Rock- & Popstarforest - YOUR place to stay with fans & friends

There will be a virtual place where you will have your own huge forest branded with your name, along with your fans. This will be additionally created from the first earnings.

This is to all Rock-, Popstars, Influencer, companies to save our with making fans & customers happy and have huge WE effects in one place - just with a marketing invoice...

That could be you - but so far it's me

Example: You have 1 Million fans, 'just' 1% want your free repositionable stickers, so:

10,000 fans will each receive 10 design-limited, reusable stickers that will plant 200,000 trees - with your marketing invoice to deduct.Which also means, 10.000 fans wears and post the unique stickers with an proud WE in social media - because they are WErriors!

Which means, unlimited more limited design stickers which save our planet will follow...!

...and the chain reaction to the exponential begins.....

Rock- & Popstarforest & Ocean will be the place which fans and rock- & popstars can save our planet at the same place with just on sign as the together stickers:

The World Saver Award as our - each of these plants trees and. In addition, of course, associated jobs and future options for the regions. A positive chain reaction from which everyone benefits.

But, what means "Rock- or Popstar"?
A Rock- or Popstar is everyone who is one of the best in his way, influence & inspires peoples with them what they do in the best way.

Everyone could be a Rock- or Popstar!

The multiplication effect is world-changing - and your design will be seen everywhere in the best arty and worldsaving way ever.

WE see you as part of WErriors - not just a simply customer.

We take care of all the rest: saving our planet, the trees, the people
And if you want - your complete logistics and ship your stickers to each of your fans. No time consuming work if you do not want to.

At the same time, you can also distribute the stickers for free at concerts & events. Everything is your decision.

You will get maximum attention - not just a dull round pin
IT'S THE World Saver Award as the BURNINGPLA.NET!

I know - i'm repeating myself - but in this case it can't be emphasized often enough what this will begin.

This is your best 'merchandise' & 'marketing' ever! Give aways, which save our planet and brings your fans together with you at one place.

Paid with your marketing invoice. Others can't - you can!

WE are all WErriors - if WE see enough WErriors to do the same GOOD things.

See Awake The Fake on Instagram ->

Contact to get your personal offer with your own artwork

BE a WErrior with owning a part of your and PRE-ORDER 1 qkm for 6,- EUR which plant 10 trees and give you much more goodies than you pay ->

These are some art examples, to awake and save our planet. 


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