Being on our planet is the most important relationship of our life.
If we dont care, who else?

We believe that everyone deserves an award who is aware of our planets situation and takes action.

burningpla.net - Your World Saver Award

burningpla.net is a pop Art warning signal, four flames symbolic of our elements: earth, water, fire, air. In minimal design of 10x15x3mm it can be shown and pinned everywhere safely. Special colors, materials and products will come to achieve the one great goal: Planting billions of trees all over the world.

However, we carry it with consciousness and that is that we are aware that it is NOT too late.

We can still take positive countermeasures and together actively ensure that our climate and our planet survive in time - and so can you!

With just one click you become a #SilentAlly (We) which means you join us, you are active, you understand the absolute necessity of planting forests and share the idea of burningpla.net because you are already part of it.

We don't go to the streets to demonstrate. we are a role model and wear our award with pride. We draw attention and create awareness. We confront just in bright colors.

We plant forests, not a single tree

We create jobs in areas they really need

We give new habitat to animal species

We employ and populate whole regions

Now and in future

Not only the current situation of the worldwide pandemic forces us to realize how important the air we breathe is.
You provide with us pure and clean air, produced by the trees that will grow, which YOU planted without planting them yourself. 

It is time to give something back to Mother Nature - we need her - like the air we breathe. she does not need us.

Each of us has consciously or unconsciously contributed his part to the current state of our planet. But now we have to become aware of it and act. 
it is still early enough to rewrite the end together.

Be active, get your award, speak about it

Andy Fischer