What else can i say... our megalomaniacal travel of madness to save ourselves BEGINS RIGHT NOW!

What else can i say... our megalomaniacal travel of madness to save ourselves BEGINS RIGHT NOW!

There is a lot to say, but i promise to be brief.

EUR 1.92 billion WE must found together. As a beginning!

1,5 Degrees means just 1,5% of our all savings.

BE WErriors! This is and will be the biggest great adventure for you and your future!

Read my complete vision in under 3 minutes

Rethink, understand and feel it is the only way.

Alternative: Read a shorter summary from chatGPT4 here ->


The Burningpla.net Is The World Saver Award Is The Burningpla.net Is The World Saver Award Is The Burningpla.net Is...

...THE Sign! 4 flames, 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth - proverbial everything burns!
So it's THE visible sign to everyone who transforms to a WErrior.

You know? There's an WErrior in everyone of us.

Wake him up - before you go go...

WErrior? A WErrior is the modern version of a WArrior. No violence, no fights, no protests, just joint, peaceful actions that end with a lot of money! We can only save our planet together. We can do it - ONLY WE!

Be also a recruiter for new WErriors at the same time and participate in our free affiliate program ->

At the beginning as repositionable stickers, Later as pins, patches and many more, in a billion possible colors and materials, it's also THE one and only World Saver Award to every WErrior!


The world has 510.000.000 qkm of unsurpassed given beautiness. In only about 70 years we have managed to push our world to the very very very edge of collapse.

Now it is necessary to preserve our big, beauty planet! Our onliest real HOME!

If you'll be a part as a WErrior, everything of this will happen and multiplicate exponintial.

There are no more excuses or "maybe later" - there is no more "later".

It's now or never more!

Feel, understand, be part - just read:

WE can't save our burning planet without megalomaniacs - and WE can't do it without lot’s of money either. WE starting to get 1,92 billion EUR. This corresponds to 1,92 Trillion in US $.

Anyway: It’s just about 1.5% of our savings. Savings are EUR worldwide. With this WE will revitalize our burning planet in a new way and protect it for our future. 

WE can not wait until governments do it. Their economic interests are dominant.

Our economic interests lie exclusively in the extreme increase of our income to be able to do all the things that still far too few do. WE plant billions of trees, WE provide billions liters of clean water and food for self-sufficiency. WE clean up the world's oceans with financial aid, and eliminate hunger better as "only possible". WE will participate in startups that change our world for the better. 
Everything to change it is already available!

WE will employ and pay people worldwide who only care about this one important goal:


WE will extinguish and rebuild our burning planet together and invest massively in the possibilities that already exist to accelerate the effect - and in future visions that cross ours: a planet, reunited with nature that can - only in this way - protect us all.

This vision will work - BUT - just with all of us together!

For this reason, i thought for all of us - and asked myself how I can inspire - all of us. WE can help ourselves and WE can get something out of it.

Be a WErrior. It is not too late now. Don’t wast your time to other things just right now. It wasn’t never easier before to save what we know & what we Love. Our healthy - not burning planet.

PRE-ORDER your future now - BE WErrior of an peaceful, visible, functionable WE movement & get so much more than you give!


Wanna be part of an 1,92 Billion € WE movement as a WErrior?
This is just 1,5% of our global savings.

It is the solution to stay below 1,5 degrees worldwide!

Without aggression, protest and violence - But with lots of money.

Like the companies have done, which destroyed our planet WE turn the principle around for the better!

Just with money WE can change EVERYTHING!

WE can hire lawyers and specialists who use grants and financial government funding worldwide to oppose everything. Taxes? Why should WE pay taxes when the large corporations don't either? Within the legal framework - the big companies do it exactly the same way - but unfortunately only for their own profit optimization. WE can also use the existing legislation to make a big difference. For our purpose - to save ourselves. There is no more important need.

Imagine - you'll be part of an movement, YOU'RE A WErrior! Not just a part of any boring affiliate program - just a share to BILLIONS to save our burningpla.net - without pay anything!

Please, feel free to contact me at any time here

Do not hesitate! Be A WErrior - Register now for free - Coming soon!

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